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Making certified copies of my Advance Care Directive.

The witness can help you make certified copies of your Advance Care Directive at the same time as they witness your original Advance Care Directive Form.

This will be important so that you can give your Substitute Decision-Makers, others close to you, your doctor or other health practitioners, a certified copy of your Advance Care Directive.

Any person from the witness list can certify copies for you at a later time. The person you ask to certify copies of your Advance Care Directive does not have to be independent of you.

When your Advance Care Directive is completed and signed by you, your Substitute Decision-Maker (if you have any), and your witness (and interpreter if you have used one), you can make photocopies of your Advance Care Directive. The witness can certify all copies as a true copy of the original.

To certify copies you need to:

  • Sight the original ACD and check that the copy to be certified is an identical copy of the original.
  • You will need to stamp or write a certification statement on the front of the ACD form. You may want to use this suggested wording: 

    “ I, (insert your name), (occupation) certify this and the following…(insert number of pages) pages to be a true copy of the original as sighted by me”
  • Sign your name to complete the certification statement and initial each page of the ACD form.
  • Give the original back to the person.
To make decisions for you, your Substitute Decision-Maker must show your doctors, health practitioners or aged care staff an original or certified copy of your Advance Care Directive. This will prove that they have the authority to make these decisions for you when you are unable to make your own.


David had given an Advance Care Directive that appointed Sally as his Substitute Decision-Maker. When David’s Advance Care Directive was witnessed he asked his witness to certify one copy for him to give to Sally. Five years later Sally realised she had lost her certified copy. Sally and David asked David’s brother Brian, who met the requirements of an authorised witness, to certify 10 copies of David’s Advance Care Directive.